Changes and Improved Outreach Ahead!

Castro Cares is hiring a dedicated Castro/ Upper Market intensive outreach worker! This new intensive outreach worker is unique in that they will be able to accompany people to the shelter or to DMV or to their clinic appointment when necessary. We are unique in that no longer will the outreach worker say to someone on the street…”oh you want to get your state ID? Great, you have an appointment next week.” Instead, the Castro Cares intensive outreach worker will say…”Great, let’s go together right now!”  The new intensive outreach worker will be the same person working 20 hours a week and is a unique collaboration between the SF AIDS Foundation Stonewall Project. We hope to get the outreach worker hired and trained by mid-July.

Do you know someone who might be perfect for this position?  Send them the full position description on the SFAF website. Available here:

Castro Cares will also be working with the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (DHSH), Project Homeless Connect, SFPD and SF Public Works to ensure that the Castro gets the full array of services available. The Castro Cares outreach worker will work closely with DHSH to get folks resources, to follow-up and connect individuals on waiting lists, and to support the most vulnerable. The Castro Cares outreach worker will also be able to take advantage of the resources at the AIDS Foundation be they substance abuse, behavioral health, medical, shelter making warm handoffs to these resources.

Castro Cares is not static. We are flexible and try out different strategies. If one doesn’t work as well as hoped, we try another. We continue to put pressure on the City to live up to its responsibilities while also taking action to improve the quality of life for everyone in our neighborhood.